High-Throughput Bioscience Center (HTBC)

Detection Systems at the HTBC (CCSR 0133)

Plate Readers at the HTBC Schedule Data Sheet
Tecan Infinite M1000-multimode plate reader Tecan Infinite M1000 (View Only) Tecan Infinite M1000
Tecan Infinite M1000 PRO-multimode plate reader w/Stackers Tecan Infinite M1000 PRO(View Only) Tecan Infinite M1000 PRO
FLEXstation II-384-fluorescent plate reader Flexstation II 384 (View Only) Flexstation
AnalystGT-multimode plate reader AnalystGT (View Only) Analyst GT
Luminometer Use Tecan M1000  

Infinite M1000 and Infinite M1000 PRO (Tecan)

Tecan Infinite M1000

The Tecan Infinite M1000 and M1000 PRO are very flexible Quad4 monochromator-based 6 to 1536-well microplate reader and can measure;

Both Tecans have Barcode Readers and are extremely fast and sensitive and can be used primarily for high-throughput screens and platform specific applications (FP, TRF, HTRF), but can also be used for simple plate based absorbance reads and injector based luminescence reads.

The HTBC Tecan Infinite M1000 PRO also has 50-microplate stackers and the AlphaScreen module.

AnalystGT (Molecular Devices, Inc.)

The Analyst GT is very flexible filter-based 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplate reader and can measure (see below for list of filters);

The HTBC AnalystGT has 40-microplate stackers to allow its independent use, or it can be integrated with the Caliper LS Sciclone Staccato liquid handling system through a Caliper LS Twister II robotic arm. It is extremely fast and sensitive and used primarily for high-throughput screens in conjection with the Caliper LS Staccator system and platform specific applications (FP, TRF, HTRF)

FLEXstation II 384 (Molecular Devices, Inc.-Flex3 link-we don't have this)

The FLEXstation complements the Analyst GT, in that it has an internal 8- or 16-tip pipetting head and performs multi-label measurements [fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and chemiluminescence] in real-time in 96 or 384 well format. This enhanced capability allows for kinetic studies of biological events, such as G protein-coupled receptor activation (via Calcium mobilization, ie FLIPR screens) and ion channel gating in live cells. The FLEXstation also can read 6-, and 24-well plates for applications such as measuring cell migration. The FLEXstation is used primarily for platform specific applications, assay development and medium throughput screens.

HTBC Analyst GT Technical Information
Filter Description Wavelength-range Dichrioc Description Wavelength
UV DNA 260-Ex (2) 260-10 UV Dichrioc 380
UV Protein 280-Ex 280-10 UV Dichrioc 380
Cryptate-Ex (4) 330-70 UV Dichrioc 380
Chelate-Ex 330-80   400
Europium/Coumarin-Ex (6) 360-35   425
CCF2 Excitation (7) 405-20   425
Coumarin-Em (4) 425-35   490/550
CCF2 Donor Emission (3) 460-40 Fluorescein 505
Fluorescein-Ex (1) 485-20   505/600
CCF2 Acc Em, CellTiterBlueEx (5) 530-10   561
Fluorescein-Em (1) 530-25   650
Rhodamine-Em 580-10 50/50 Beamsplitter  
Texas Red-Ex (8) 580-10    
Cell-Titer Blue-Em (5) 590-20    
Cryptate Donor Emission (6) 615    
Chelate Donor Emission 620    
Texas Red-Em (7) 630-35    
Cy5/Dylight Excitation (3) 630-35    
Cryp/Chelate Acceptor Emission (8) 665-7.5    
Cy5/Dylight Emission (2) 682-22    
EPI-Absorbance Attenuator ND3    

Note that all filters can be used for either emission or excitation with any dichrioc. Parentheses indicate current position in Emission or Excitation wheels.

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